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We all have the desire to travel the world but are restricted by our budgets. If we were to have our way, we would be travelling 365 days a year, exploring new destinations, and eating all the delicious food. While there are multiple tricks to grab best flight deals and travel via cheap flight tickets, but another very important trick that we often tend to neglect is to – check single fares before booking a connecting flight or return. But the truth is, single fares are oftentimes cheaper than a connecting flight or return ticket.

What we imply here is that, for example – if you are planning to travel to London from Minneapolis on a selected date of your choice. Your first choice would be to grab cheap flight tickets for a round trip non-stop flight or get a layover flight that is cheaper than a non-stop flight. However, if your objective is to save money, this is not the best available option for you. It might appear attractive but is certainly not the cheapest.

Instead, what you can do is to book a round trip from Minneapolis to New York and one round trip again from New York to London. This way New York will act as a layover but one with more time allowing you to explore the city. Booking single fares for each leg does not only let you add one more destination to your itinerary instead is also cheaper than a direct flight or round-trip with a layover.

These self-connecting flight bookings are very effective and might result in savings of a hundred of dollars. Though even while you book these single fares, ensure you take into account certain important considerations. Foremost, since you are booking self-connecting flights, it is important to consider the time you will have between the trips. You will need to accommodate time for transfer to another airplane, as well as timings of the air flights, baggage transfers, and sometimes even change of terminals might be required. All these points must be factored in to ensure you have chosen the right air flight timings and connections.

More so, if you miss your connecting flight, you might not be able to travel further because in a self-connection, your airlines may be different and hence, they would not assume any responsibility of your travel. In other cases, of a layover flight, the operators are the same or a partner airline is involved and thus, it is not so difficult. Even if you miss a connecting air flight, the airline arranges for you transportation.

While, booking self-connecting single fares might save you some money but it also could involve a lot of hurdles and some hop on and offs. So, you must weigh the worth of money saved against the inconvenience you will bear. Ultimately, it is one’s own choice to either choose to save money at the cost of some inconvenience or choose utter convenience at the cost of a couple of dollars.

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