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Asia is the world’s biggest continent both by area and population, making it a diverse and extremely attractive destination. Asia is known for its local culinary delights apart from rich cultural encounters, thrilling adventures, and natural phenomena. And now it is accessible than ever, with great flight deals on CheapFareGuru popping up every other week! We want to share some tried and tested food tips to eat in Asia; just follow these and you are good to go!

  • Best to know how to say “Hello” and “Thank you” in the language of the country you’re visiting. We’d like to think that if they like you they will serve you better food and this tip always goes a long way! Learn the correct pronunciation of your favorite food, it always comes handy.
  • Analyze where are the local people are eating their food. If you are dining at a restaurant, make sure it is a popular eating spot with lots of customers. These restaurants are likely to have a better turnover of foods and hygiene practices.
  • Stand in the longest line to order your food. Doesn’t matter if you don’t even know what they are serving, as locals know best and it will be delicious. If you are in a country where the locals converse in English, ask them about their favorite food and go there!
  • Are you a vegetarian? Learn the pronunciation of the things you don’t eat, also take a screenshot of that on your phone so you can show it to the vendor. They will nod their heads “no” if their dish will contain any piece of mince.
  • Enjoy the glories of the street food from street food carts and smaller local restaurants. You will taste some unbelievable new things! You must try the fried banana with spicy sauce, pad thai, spicy corn, and Bahn mi! Also, Food from street vendors has a higher risk of illness. If you are tempted, make sure the food is well prepared (being made in front of you whilst you wait). Also, street food is supposed to be cheap, so don’t overpay.
  • If you are going to India, here are a few of the handy tips you abide by – Eat only fruits that you can peel (bananas, mango, papaya, etc.) and avoid fruit that is already cut up into slices. Avoid ice cubes in this country.

These tips should be enough to help you survive in Asia. So, just pack your bags and grab those amazing flight deals on Cheap Fare Guru and head off to explore “Incredible Asia”. To have a hassle-free trip, remember to ensure your trip through CheapFareGuru’s trip protection program that covers trip cancellation, trip delay, emergency medical expense, baggage delay, and a host of other benefits. Since traveling to Asia can be slightly unpredictable sometimes, it is best you take the travel assistance program too, which will provide multiple post-ticketing benefits such as cancellation refunds.

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