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If your life’s journey is taking you to the foreign land, global medical insurance is all set to help you. It can help you get fast access to expert emergency medical attention, whenever and wherever you need medical attention. Your insurance is always with you – from a normal routine checkup to days of hospitalization.

Healthcare costs in other countries are way expensive than you think and it can give you a shock. Even a simple medical treatment could leave you facing surprisingly expensive bills. With global health insurance, you pay an affordable monthly premium, which you can tailor to match your needs and your budget. And if something does happen with you don’t worry, you’ll have to know one thing only that your help is only a simple call away.

Choose this if

  • You and your family are living or working in another country
  • You are an expat
  • You and your family are living or working in more than one country

Global health insurance plan provides you and your family a world-class health insurance to protect you and your family against medical expenses while your family and you are living or working on foreign land. It covers you against various types of medical conditions for over one year and also cover for some pre-existing medical conditions and medical expenses also.


Advantages of Global Health Insurance:

  • Protection from Financial Loss

Medical healthcare expenses may appear relatively less in your home country or perhaps you have access to universal health insurance plans and have rarely even considered a medical healthcare plan as a cost. However, the cost of medical treatment fluctuates from country to country and in some cases, in some countries, it can be incredibly expensive than other countries.


  • Premium Access to Healthcare

If you are moving to a foreign land with a global healthcare plan, you may consider a global medical insurance plan for your travel. While global medical insurance plans in some jurisdictions may meet your basic medical needs, a global health insurance plan will give you & your family a guarantee to access the highest quality of medical facilities and choice possible.


  • Cover for Emergencies

The benefits of a global medical insurance plan become visible if you or your covered family member requires emergency medical treatment on foreign land. A medical health insurance policy can help to cover a whole host of the costs involved in a medical emergency.


  • Day-to-Day Medical Expenses

The benefits of a global health insurance policy are not necessarily limited to an emergency medical scenario. A healthcare policy can also help you and your family with the day-to-day medical expenses that you and your family may suffer.

Some other advantages:

  • Emergency maternity care
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Emergency optical treatment
  • Outpatient treatment up to 90 days
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Rehabilitation up to 120 days
  • Inpatient and day-care treatment
  • Access to doctors and prescription drugs

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