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If you think ‘mistake fares’ is a myth, we would like to bust it and tell you that they are every much real. Mistake airfare prices happens when an airline or an agency sell its flight tickets for a price much lesser than they intended. Though, mistake airfare prices are not so easy to spot but even while we say that, mistake fares do pop up now and then. But the question is how do we find top airline mistake fares? CheapFareGuru has it sorted for you.

Set up price alerts: One thing that is mandatory to spot mistake airfare prices is to subscribe for airfare price alerts on email. These airfare price alerts send you updates when the flight ticket prices fall and also make you aware when it is the lowest airfare for a particular route. Be active and regularly check airfare price alerts on email to spot any mistake fares.

Act Fast: When you do spot an airline mistake airfare price, you need to be really quick and book as soon as possible because these mistake fares are accidental and might vanish in mere minutes. Thus, it is very important to act promptly when you spot a mistake airfare price. Also, airlines have a 24-hour free cancellation policy, so do not worry and book right away.

Be Flexible: One mantra that rules all cheap flight tickets is to be flexible. Be ready to fly on odd timings, take air flights from different airports, and choose non-popular and less traffic days to travel, or if possible, even be flexible with the destination. Sometimes, a mistake airfare price may appear for a destination other than your preferred, but it would still be a flight deal not worth missing.

Follow social media accounts actively: One platform where all mistake airfare prices tend to pop up is the social media accounts of these airlines on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These platforms also have groups dedicated to ‘travel hacking’; you can actively pursue them and see if you spot an airline mistake airfare price.

Do not call the airline: One very important thing to not do when you spot mistake airfare price is to call the airline. You might be sceptical about the airfare prices or would want to check validity, but you should bear in mind that if the airline is informed about its mistake, the airfare prices will vanish and you will not be able to grab cheap flight tickets. Hence, do not call the airline, instead book right away.

That said, all of these tricks are governed only by the phenomenon of being attentive, vigilant, and acting promptly.

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