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South Africa is a highly diverse nation. It has recently gained so much popularity as a travel destination that is hard to ignore it. Well, the hype is justified because the country has literally so much to explore that it will blow your mind. There is a great balance of city life and adventure, wildlife and culture, beautiful landscapes and sunny coasts, as well as traditional and contemporary food. But like all other places, it is advisable to know about the different travel etiquettes when traveling to South Africa

Leave generous tips

The wages of servers in South Africa are not much; hence it is advisable and also expected from tourists to leave a certain tip. The amount of tip depends on the giver and can be anything from 10-15% of the bill.

Remember greeting etiquettes

In South Africa, people are quite friendly but are still very courteous, especially towards women and seniors. It is very normal for men to stand when a woman or a senior enters the room. Also, when meeting someone for the first time, limit yourself to a firm handshake and make eye contact. Introductions in all spaces – formal or informal – will be done in order of seniority.

Don’t be too flashy

People of South Africa are very casual and often do not dress up or like people in flashy clothes, jewelry, etc. So, remember to dress accordingly and fairly simple. Even for special events such as weddings, don’t be surprised when people turn up in casual jeans.

Bring a gift

In South Africa, when visiting someone’s house, remember to always bring a small token of love. You can get some flowers, chocolates, or some wine. Also, help the host with serving and clearing up once the meal is done.

Be polite and watch your body language

Make sure you speak to everyone politely and greet them with a smile. Avoid keeping your hands in your pocket during a conversation, since that is considered rude. Also, making eye contact is very important and is regarded as a mark of respect.

Keep your temper in control

Talking loudly or getting into a fight in public places is not encouraged in South Africa. Do not point your index finger at someone as that can be interpreted as a sign of challenge and could cause stressful circumstances. Also, remember to not talk in whispers as it is assumed you are gossiping and speaking ill of another person.

Well, South Africa is an extremely diverse country with influence from various communities. And it is very normal for a tourist to be confused about how to behave and what to do. Thus, keep this guide handy and follow it religiously to have a trouble-free trip. I hope you’ve already checked the amazing flight deals on CheapFareGuru, if not, book your flight tickets now before the best flight deals run out. And in the hush, don’t forget to take the travel protection plan that will provide you coverage from trip cancellation, trip delays, trip interruption, baggage delays, emergency medical expenses, etc. There is also a great travel assistance program offered by CheapFareGuru, which provides a host of useful post-ticketing benefits.

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