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Change is the only constant. This is very true for the travel industry, which has literally gone places over the last decade. Thanks to technology, budget carriers and globalization, more people are traveling than ever before, which has redefined the landscape of the industry. The travel trends are changing by the minute. Here are the top 5 travel trends that we can expect in 2020:

Eco Tourism

There’s been a lot of talk lately about climate change and global warming around the world and its harmful effects. Thankfully, the millennials of today are the green generation as sustainability plays an important role in their buying behavior. In fact, a lot of them are even choosing eco-friendlier destinations. Also, as people become more eco-conscious, they will opt for multiple modes of transportation other than an airplane which harms the ozone layer. People are now choosing electric vehicles, trains and even water transportation to get to their destination.

Cash-free Travel

Credit cards will soon be a thing of the past, think again. Thanks to several payment apps on your phone have eliminated the need to carry cash and even card while you travel abroad. Be it hotels, tickets or sightseeing, you can pay everything at the tap of a button on your phone. Looking at this trend, it will be safe to say that you won’t have to keep cash or the tension of carrying it.

Transformative Vacation

Is traveling all about clicking selfies and pics with your loved ones? Yes, that’s one aspect but there’s a lot more you can do while traveling. A big trend emerging these days is transformative travel. It is all about giving back to the society in the places you travel. This could be teaching a language course or cooking at a charitable event. The new generation thinks of inclusive development rather than creating a society divide, which has been going on for decades.

Vegan Future 

Veganism is not just a buzzword, it is gaining popularity and how. As people replace meat with plant-based food and opt for ecotourism, vegan restaurants, hotels and resorts are mushrooming all over the world. In times to come, you can expect vegan-only travel retreats, vacations and culinary tours.

Be App-dated

The future lies in smartphones, technology and devices. The travelers of tomorrow are heavily relying on apps to be highly customizable and flexible as per their travel needs. So, artificial intelligence and machine learning could play a major role in determining the likes and dislikes of travelers and designing their itineraries.

Pet Project

People treat pets like family these days. That’s why in 2020 and the years ahead, you could see a surge in the number of pet-centric vacations. Travel companies would design special travel packages based on the most pet-friendly destinations, amenities and offerings like pet spas to pet-friendly restaurants. Now that will make your pet wag its tail.

There is another trend on the rise

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