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Kuwait may not be the country that most people will suggest you travel but Kuwait is one of the most beautiful countries you’ll ever see. Situated right above the Persian Gulf, Kuwait boasts of some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, glorious mosques, museums, and many other historic sites; Kuwait is a place that history buffs will fall in love with. Not just that, Kuwait has a beautiful coastline, splendid architecture, and some fine dining places to eat. Kuwait is a wonderful amalgamation of modern and traditional, and indeed a fascinating place to visit.

Kuwait Visa

The visa for Kuwait can be quite difficult to obtain since it is dependent on the relations of your home country with the government of Kuwait. Moreover, some countries are not granted a visa from Kuwait.

Places to visit in Kuwait

The Grand Mosque: The largest mosque in Kuwait and the 8th largest mosque in the world will mesmerize you with its beauty. With the backdrop of the Persian Gulf and intricate conventional Islamic architecture – the Grand Mosque will leave you in awe of its magnificent beauty. The inside of the mosque is simple since it is a religious place but the entire aura of the place is truly breathtaking.

Sadu House: The Sadu House is a heritage Kuwaiti house that speaks of the stunning Islamic architecture. This house serves as the most significant landmark of the Bedouin people and was originally built to protect and consolidate the culture of Bedouin tribe – that involves Sadu weaving including dying, spinning, and coloring wool per geometric patterns. The place is also a great stop for coffee.

Kuwait Towers: The three slender towers in Kuwait city are referred to as Kuwait Towers and are an icon of recognition for the country. The tallest of towers is about 180 meters and hosts 90 guests’ restaurants and a rotating observatory that also provides a stunning view of the Kuwait city from the top. The towers are intricately designed to create a stunning view in the daylight and light spectacle during the night.

Musical Fountain Park: This famous tourist attraction is located very close to the Kuwait towers and draws a lot of visitors because of its huge space. Engulfed in the beauty of nature, the park has well-planned roundabouts walkways and a central fountain, which plays music that is a mix of local and western styles.

Kuwait Island: If you thought Kuwait was only about history and great architecture, you’d be surprised to know it has more to offer from beaches to trek. Kuwait has oases and islands that are easily accessible through a ferry. One of the most popular destinations is Kobar Island, which is secluded and extremely beautiful. The island has the calmness of the beach and an extravagant architecture that will leave you overwhelmed.  

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