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Everyone one has felt the pain of blisters on a long vacation and felt betrayed by that new and trendy footwear. We have sacrificed our comfort by choosing that fashionable footwear but not anymore. We at CheapFareGuru have made a list of 10 comfortable footwear that are stylish and will not make you look old.

  1. Superga: This footwear has made it to so many lists as the all-time comfortable shoes for travelling. They are very stylish and comfortable on your delicate feet. They are also easily washable so you are sorted on all fronts.


  1. Skechers slip-on’s: When we think of comfort and style then the first brand that comes to mind is skechers. They are easy to wear and never hurt your feet. You can also use them after your trip as you daily wear.


  1. Sandals: A pair of sandals makes for a blister free summer vacations. They come in so many shades that one gets confused which one to buy. They have a comfortable sole, Velcro straps and are easy to glide on.


  1. Crocs women’s sandals: Crocs have upgraded and now have many fancy looking all-purpose footwear too. They can make you look dressy and feel pleasant at the same time.


  1. Espadrilles: Both luxury and economical brands have come out with espadrilles. They are very versatile and go on with all kinds of clothes. If you want to save up on packing space then is the most convenient option.


  1. Ballet flats: This versatile piece of easy to wear flats should be a must have on your list. They are hassle free, chic and make your vacation blister free.


  1. All-purpose sandals: These are perfect for those trips which involve outdoor adventures. They make your feet happy even till the end of the day.


  1. Loafers: If you want to look classy, turn heads, and yet feel snug then you need a pair of loafers for your trip. They come in a variety of fashionable shades too.


  1. Ankle length boots: If you want travel friendly footwear but still rock your personality then you can opt for these. They are flexible, versatile, and add an extra oomph to your outfit.


  1. Thong slip-on: These don’t need your hands to slip on or off. They are perfect for the sweaty weather vacations; they will give your feet relaxation and won’t make them sweaty and smelly.


With these stylish and comfortable footwear you will want to explore the city even more.

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