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Have your wedding dates set in the cold months and now you’re worried about the destination for your wedding? Well, there is a way out for this too. Head to a warm destination for your winter wedding and you could have a perfect ceremony amidst great weather with your friends and family. There are many options for you to choose from, each with its own benefits. The biggest benefit of hosting a winter wedding in a warm destination is that everything is cheap and will fit the budget well. Also, it will be a great holiday for your family and friends. Here are CheapFareGuru’s list of warm weather destinations for your winter wedding.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a beautiful city to have your wedding in. The weather is very pleasant, the beaches are pristine, the scenery is splendid, the food is delicious, and the wine is in abundance. This Australian city makes for a perfect destination for a wedding and an amazing rejuvenation for the guests. The beauty of the palm trees, art deco mansions, retro flats, kosher bakeries, buzzing bars and cafes, penguins, dolphins, luscious gardens, beach-laden peninsula, and of course great coffee. There is plenty for everyone in store.

Cancun, Mexico

The city boasts of gorgeous white-sand beaches, lush green surroundings, thumping nightlife, and lots of tacos and tequilas, all to be enjoyed in warm temperatures between November and March. Your wedding would be a whole lot of fun when hosted in the spectacular city bordering the Caribbean Sea. The wedding photos will be magnificent given the background of the glorious beaches. There are also multiple hotel chains and affordable accommodations that will help you squeeze this destination in your budget.

Maui, Hawaii

The second largest and one of the best Hawaiian Islands, Maui is heavenly, just picture perfect for your dream wedding. The fabulous beaches, the Ioa Valley, sights of the humpback whales, farm fresh food, and the glorious view of the sunset and sunrise will make a perfect setting for your main day. There are a host of good and affordable restaurants and accommodations for your family and friends. This place is literally a paradise.

Mendoza, Argentina

Imagine saying ‘I do’ and kissing the love of your life in the stunning backdrop of the Andean Mountains and then tangoing all night long. Mendoza does make a delightful destination for a warm winter wedding. The sunny climate, vineyards, tree-lined streets, Malbec wine, and top-notch restaurants and spas would be a great package for your guests. The cherry on the cake is the fact that Argentina’s currency is weaker as compared to U.S dollars and hence, you could afford a lavish wedding of your dreams.

Naples, Florida

Naples is a gorgeous city and absolutely wonderful for your winter wedding because of its near to perfect weather, pristine white sand beaches, vibrant culture, scenic beauty, great dining experiences, and reasonably priced accommodations. One of the most popular places for a destination wedding, Naples is as good as it gets.


Now since you are ready with the list of amazing warm destinations, its time for you to finalize your dream wedding destination and book your flight tickets. Get ready to say ‘I do’ in style!

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