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When it comes to traveling by flight, you have probably heard about the economy class or seen it in the movies. Economy travel means that you sit in the main cabin, where the seats are compact and arranged closely together.

But, did you know? Not every airline uses the word ‘economy’ to describe its cheaper segment. Some have come up with interesting names for the same. For instance, British Airways calls it ‘world traveler’ and Air France calls it ‘voyageur.’

Apart from the economy, a flight will generally also have a business class cabin, where the seats are larger and more comfortable. But the seating is not the only problem. Some airlines offer a limited service for the economy class, such as no free in-flight meals.

But there is a reason why the economy class is the most preferred way to travel and that’s because it is comparatively cheaper than the business class. However, despite being cost-effective, we all know that it can be a little uncomfortable. So, what do you do? Are there ways to make your economy travel easier? Yes. The below tips and tricks will help ensure that you travel comfortably even in the economy class.

Choose the airline wisely 

The economy class is not the same with every airline. The width of the seat and even the legroom differ from airline to airline. Therefore, choose the airline wisely. To make it easier, you can make use of comparison websites, such as SeatGuru to make the right decision.

Carry a travel pillow

A neck pillow or a good quality travel pillow can make all the difference. Even if you know that the flight offers free cushions, try to carry your own. Today, you will find specially designed travel pillows to give you good neck and back support. This helps you stay comfortable and will also make you feel like you are traveling in business class.

Seat Movement 

Sometimes, you will find rows that are empty. When that happens, you can ask the cabin crew to change your seats. This way, you can have the whole row for yourself and it is definitely way more comfortable than a single seat. In fact, if you notice that the flight is half-empty then you can also ask for a free upgrade and if you are lucky or the cabin crew member is kind enough, you might get what you asked for.

Duty-free treats

If you are someone who is not very fond of airline food then there is a way out. You can always purchase duty-free chocolates or snacks. And the best part, these treats help make you feel like you are traveling business class.

Headphones or earphones 

Sometimes it so happens that you encounter a talkative neighbor or a crying baby. So, if you have good headphones or earphones, you can combat this problem. Also, make sure you update your playlist before you travel.

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