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Charmed with the middle-eastern architecture, incredible culture, gorgeous scenery and cuisines to remember, Turkey counts as one of the hottest tourist spots of the world to visit in 2020. Being a diverse travel destination, Turkey encapsulates the best of East and West, a dramatic coastline and offers the tourists an experience worth their coins.

Turkey’s fastly escalating tourism industry bundles up its geographical advantage of bestriding between eastern Europe and western Asia. The country’s rich history is woven through the cultural connections of ancient Greek, Byzantine, Persian, Roman, and Ottoman empires––which paved the way for a cosmopolitan Istanbul, the iconic Hagia Sophia, the skyscrapers of Ankara and the soaring unison of Christian and Muslim cultures.

A solo trip to Turkey allows you to taste the true Turkish Rendezvous.

Keeping aside the major cities of Istanbul and Ankara, here are the best and the safest places for your solo adventure of this exotic country.


 The seaside city of Bodrum is an iconic summer hotspot. It offers beaches, whitewashed houses, a marina packed with private yachts and a crumbling fortress. Bodrum’s narrow historic streets pack the punch with the best upmarket shopping opportunities and buzzing nightlife. Solo travelers can book a Hostel close to the waterfront and have the time of their lives.


 The epic ancient site of Ephesus is an unmissable destination for first-time travelers. Once a roman city, Ephesus holds centuries of history within its ruins. You can base yourself in a town nearby, most favorably Selçuk, and pay a visit to the city. The historical attraction is affronted by guesthouses, Aussie pools and the vibrant strongholds at Kusadasi or Izmir.


 Pamukkale, a natural spa filled with blinding white calcium travertines, that owe their formation to hundreds of years, is a rare Turkish delight unfound in the entire world. Known as the ‘cotton castle’ of the Turk, the underrated city of Hierapolis stands over the plains of Anatolia. While the city demands its own itinerary, it is also an amazing stopping point when you are heading from the coast up to Istanbul by bus.


 Once known as a popular harbor city, Fethiye now serves over 40 million tourists every year through its western gateway to the Turquoise Coast. Being close to Turkey’s mega-famous beaches, the coast welcomes people with the opportunities of paragliding through the middle eastern sea, along the enchanting blue lagoon. Other attractions of the sublime Fethiye is the buzzing marketplace of Sakklikent Gorge, and the abandoned villages of Kaya Koyu, Dalyan, and Iztizu.


 Thanks to Instagram stardom, Cappadocia has earned its rightful mention as one of the most prominent landmarks of Turkey tourism. The special landscape of soft tufa rock, formed by the carvings of wind and water, opens its unique cave accommodation as a part of its attraction to tourists––making for an unmatched experience. The city’s offerings also include Goreme, a hot air balloon flight festival, which is widely regarded as the tourism epicenter of Turkey.

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