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When it comes to catching a flight, we all want an airport that’s convenient in terms of location, facilities, and convenience. After all, you don’t want to be stuck for hours at the check-in counters, security checks or baggage arrival. Well, that won’t be the case in these 5 airports.

Miami International Airport 

Not only is Miami one of the most colorful and cosmopolitan cities in the USA, but its airport is also one of the finest. It makes a wonderful first impression on any traveler. It’s built on a massive area of more than 3000 acres. What’s even better is its location as it is just 30 minutes from Downtown Miami and the heart of all the action. If you are traveling to Latin America or the Caribbean then this is just the airport to catch your flight the airport tops the charts for offering the maximum number of flights to these regions. Plus, it has excellent connectivity to all major international airports around the world.

Not just that, the airport also plays host to several world-class eateries, brands and even a luxury hotel. What else do you need?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

This is not just one of the busiest airports in the USA but the entire world and here are some stats for a reality check

  • It connects to 70 international destinations
  • Has connectivity with more 150 domestic destinations
  • 380,000 flights land or take off at this airport every year

That is why this airport is called the Gateway to the World. To up the experience, one of the world’s busiest airports has plenty in store for travelers around the world in the form of 300 restaurants, stores, pubs, and eateries. Once you are at this airport, you are pretty much sorted.

O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

This airport northwest of Chicago took 8 years to complete at a staggering $9 billion. It’s built on 7600 acres of land and has 217 direct flights all over the globe. Don’t go just by the numbers, the airport has 130 eateries and even includes facilities like Mother’s Room, a Hilton fitness club and a Yoga room too. And don’t forget the highlight of the airport, which is the Aeroponic Garden. The sky is the limit at this airport.

Indianapolis International Airport 

This airport has set many milestones and has won numerous awards and quite deservingly. After all, it connects 50 non-stop flights all across the world and is a stone’s throw away from the main city. It caters to the most premium airlines to low-cost carriers around the world. It has some cool features like motion-activated lights and also automatic walkways. And in case you are feeling tired, there are plenty of eateries and cafes to charge you up. If you don’t want all that hustle and bustle of the airport, you can step into the meditation room and a barbershop too. For all the shopaholics, get ready to drool with plenty of shopping centers.

 Los Angeles International Airport 

It’s a crime not to mention the Los Angeles International airport when we are talking about the most convenient airports in the USA. It’s just 20 miles from the Los Angeles Downtown area where all the who’s who of the world reside. It is the world’s second busiest airport, which sees 84 million passengers come and go annually. And for those millions of passengers, the airport has an arsenal of 200 restaurants for them to rejuvenate while they wait for their flights.

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