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Airplane flights can completely rip you off your budget and also cause a stress. With airfare prices fluctuating everywhere now and then, it is very difficult to grab the best flight deal. But now when you have these 5 best ways suggested by CheapFareGuru to save money and find cheap flights, you have nothing to worry more. So, read on and ensure you follow these tricks before booking flight tickets.

  • Don’t buy plane tickets on weekends

Weekends are way more expensive than weekday air flights. Flight tickets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are cheaper than Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Even if you feel you are getting a good flight deal, hold on till the weekdays for cheap flight deals in comparison. Trust, CheapFareGuru, you will not be disappointed.

  • Buy your ticket in advance

Airlines always offer reduced airfare flights to price conscious travelers. Airfare prices are fluctuated by the airlines to ensure they are affordable yet maximize profits for them. So, it is always advisable to book your plane tickets well in advance. For domestic flights, start monitoring airfare prices not later than 70-8- days in advance of scheduled departure of air flight; while for international tickets, it is best to monitor airfare prices not later than 60 days before departure of air flight. When you spot a cheap flight ticket in this period, be assured and book right away.

  • Compare prices and search in incognito mode

Airlines tend to pick up on your search history and shoot up airfare prices on the routes likely to travel or most searched for. Hence, always ensure you are searching in incognito mode to avoid being tracked. That way you will get fair flight deals. Also, remember to use competitive flight finders such as CheapFareGuru to grab best flight deals.

  • Choose flights with your destination as layover

A layover is always a good idea if your objective it to save money and have ample of time to invest. Layover flight lets you stretch your legs on a long journey and also is way cheaper than non-stop flight. Also, there is another way to use layover flight. If you search for air flights, you might see some air flights that offer your final destination as a layover rather than a final destination. Grab those flight deals because they might be the cheapest.

  • Set price alerts

Airfare price alerts are very critical if you want to get cheap flight deals. So, subscribe to airfare price alerts for the airlines for the selected routes. And keep checking your emails regularly. Airfare price alerts notify you when there is a change in flight ticket prices. As soon as you are notified of a dropping airfare, keep an eye out for lowest airfare price, and book right away when you spot a good flight deal.

Follow CheapFareGuru’s ways to get the best flight deals and always save hundreds of dollars.


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