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San Francisco is the home to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Silicon Valley and the famous Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. But that’s only a slice of what this city has to offer. Every year, San Francisco sees an influx of tourists from all over the world. But before you head to San Francisco, here are some things that you should always remember.

Keep Walking

Probably the person who wrote the tagline, Keep Walking for the iconic brand Johnnie Walker was walking the streets of San Francisco. The city can become crammed with public and private transport therefore it’s best to enjoy the city on foot. Plus, walking gives you more insights about the people, culture and ethos. Where’s all that fun in an Uber or car rental?

The weather is like the terrain, up and down 

San Francisco is a hilly city and has plenty of steep climbs and declines. But it’s not just the terrain. The weather of the city can have its ups and downs. One minute, you could have sunshine and the very next minute chilly winds and fog.  So, it is always good to carry a spare set of clothes (warmer the better). Don’t blame the weather, San Francisco has plenty of water bodies, which can change the climate pretty quickly.

Ready for the cable car experience

With so much technology, wouldn’t like a bit of vintage stuff like the cable car of San Francisco, which takes you back in an earlier era when like was slow-paced. But before you get excited, here’s a little caveat. Cable cars can get crowded so use them only when you have a lot of time to spare.

The people wear pride on their sleeve

San Francisco has a liberated culture. It’s often called the rainbow city as it witnesses the annual Gay Pride Parade, which attracts more than a million people around the world. Therefore, when here, don’t point fingers on people for their orientation. Live and let live.

Bring a pair of sneakers to the beach

Yes, you read that right. The thing is San Francisco beaches are rocky with plenty of shells and small rocks. So, getting a pair of slippers might end up hurting you with a cut or a bruise. Plus, there’s another incentive of getting your sneakers, which is hiking. San Francisco has great hiking spots next to the beaches like the Golden Gate Park, Land’s End and the Presidio.

Grab the CityPASS

Rather than wasting time and money at all the city attractions, it’s best to buy one pass that offers you access to various places, that too at a discounted rate. Now that should bring a smile to your face.

Another thing you must always remember

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