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Do you often look at other people’s extensive travel photos and wonder how do they afford to travel so often? Well, we agree some are blessed with a roaring bank balance while there are many who just are smart. They find new and accessible ways to use their talent to earn money while they travel. They kind of mix business with pleasure and manage to work and earn even while traveling. Let’s just say the fuel keeps the torch flaring! Do you also want to travel around the world but have a limited budget and unending list of places to visit? Then use any of the CheapFareGuru’s 6 ways to use your talent to earn money while you travel.

Become a Travel Blogger

This trend is on fire recently. Everywhere you look there is a blooming travel blogger, who is traveling to these amazing places, posting splendid photos, eating delicious meals, and enjoying the scenic beauty. Did you know that most of these travel trips are sponsored? Yes, the travelers get to enjoy a free vacay and earn some money by using their travel itineraries to create content online. You can have your own blog or an Instagram page and post intriguing stuff to lure people to follow you. This way you’ll end up with more followers which means greater brand attention that ultimately leads to more sponsored trips!

Write and Photograph for Travel Magazines

If you are not interested in taking the pains to become a travel blogger by yourself, you could use your skills to earn money from a third party. Apply for travel magazines, online blogs, newspapers, holiday companies/websites, etc. and sell your enticing travel pictures, travel articles (about routes, places, food, etc.), itineraries, and so much more for good money. This way you’ll enjoy your holiday while earning on the go.

Teach English

Teachers for English are in huge demand everywhere. There are multiple travel companies that could match your expertise with people who require English tutors, enabling you to earn money while you travel. While some positions would not require any certifications, some may demand basic ones such as TEFL, ESL, etc. and a bachelor’s degree. You can check for these certifications online and see if you want to get one of these to have an upper hand.  Grab an opportunity at The International TEFL Academy and Teach Away that matches with your requirement.

Work on a Farm

One way to earn money, while also learn new things and witness the natural beauty is to work at an organic farm while you travel. You can register with WWOOF and explore hundreds of farms that require volunteers. Some of these jobs would pay you in the form of free stay and meal, while the others might also provide sightseeing opportunities, travel support, etc. This could really help you save some big bucks without hampering your holiday at all, instead it’ll add more excitement to it.


Be a Guide

If you happen to know a place really well and can speak multiple languages, then you must search for opportunities to become a travel guide. You’ll get to explore the places and earn money. You can also lead tours through travel agencies that train you in the destination country in case you are not a native or a local. One could make some serious good money by being a guide while travelling around the world.

Become a Street Performer

Got a knack for singing, dancing, acting, playing musical instruments, or anything else that can attract the crowd? You are in for a good money-making opportunity. You can use your talent to perform on the streets while allowing people to watch you and leave you with some bucks in the form of appreciation. This is also known as “Busking” and you can check Busking forums online to know more about this opportunity, as well as the local laws.

No wonder how small it may be, but any work opportunity that pays you while you travel is worth a try. You can travel wherever you want to with these exciting opportunities!

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