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Should you buy travel insurance? Yes, how else would you to protect yourself from . If you are planning to fly, you should be having travel insurance before going on any trip. It does sound like an unnecessary thing to mention in your pre-travel to-do list, but somehow you have to give it a little priority. You don’t know what kind of problems are waiting for you; problems can be anything such as missing flight, losing important documents, and most important any kind of medical emergency.

We all know it’s (searching for a better and trustable travel insurance plan) a time time-consuming process but there are some compression sites to compare the best travel insurance according to your needs.


This section of your policy covers the most important part as compared to others because it’s the first thing that could happen at the beginning of your trip. Being canceled your flight, not only hit your pocket, but you may also miss your meeting or conference. That is why I always recommended every fellow traveler to take travel insurance before flying. And according to the report, most of the flights which got canceled were pre-booked. Having travel insurance also help you to hire a car or any other transport if your flight got canceled, but you must read your policy wording for full details.

Emergency Medical Expenses and Repatriation

Just imagine, having injury or illness at the best time of your trip could ruin your trip. Being injured, or having any illness in other countries is a very difficult task. You will not be able to communicate with the doctor, and will most likely have to pay for your treatment. This is where your medical sector can help with your medical bills.

Personal Possessions, Travel Documents and Gadgets

This section will help you to recover the most important things like delaying baggage, lost passport, and damage gadgets. But make sure before taking any travel insurance that your policy covers the damage of your gadgets; if the policy covers damage then it is ok otherwise you can add damage cover after paying extra premium.

Activity Cover

Going on a trip solo or with friends is always fun; most of us will participate in activities such as sky diving, bungee jumping, jet skiing. But before being a part of these activates you must ensure you are covered for these activates, otherwise, you could face expensive bills if you are injured.

Personal Accident

Yes, thinking about accidental disability or accidental death is not a nicest pre-travel topic. But your policy should cover your accidental disability or death. Most of the insurance companies pay set of amount in case of accidental disability or death.

Note: – Before buying Travel Insurance you must note down all of the points you want to cover, such as flight cancellation, medical emergency, important documents security, adventure activates. Buying travel insurance is also the same as booking a flight ticket like you always make a decision first that where you going, then always book your tickets.    


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