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Students fall in that class of frequent travelers who often need to travel for short-term projects, internships, and leisure. Since a large number of students are non-working and few who work part-time are not able to fund their trips solely by themselves, their travel needs to be budgeted. And we completely agree with this. So, we have zeroed on certain tips for the students who wish to or have to travel when the budget is a constraint.

Choose the right destination

Competition has forced the market to evolve completely. Hence, many holiday destinations have now become affordable offering better packages as they wish to cater to all people from all walks of life. And so, there are special customized packages for students that are being offered on discounted rates. Destinations like Bulgaria and Turkey are some examples that offer culture, history, beaches and a lot more for the students to explore. So, pick a destination depending upon your liking and then compare it with others. For instance, if you are wishing to go on an adventure trip, try and look for more options in that category, keeping in mind other things such as expenditure on food and stay.


Youth hostels are a big hit among students. And why not? Since, they are affordable, decently maintained, friendly, modern and a great way to meet students from other corners of the world. Though many people feel that they are unhygienic and not a safe place to stay that is not every time. Look for registered hostels that are not only clean and comfortable but also are secured.

Learn the language

You are student and learning is a never-ending part of life. Don’t be scared. We don’t wish to put you in any kind of learning for an exam. Learn for your benefit and fun. Isn’t it good to know some basic and keywords of the language of the place that you are planning to visit? It is going to help you in communicating easily.


A visa may be needed to travel depending on where you go to and where are you traveling from. As each destination will have its own visa policies, it is advisable to check with the relevant embassies beforehand to avoid any last-minute confusion and panic. Kindly log on to the embassy’s website to know about the visa procedure in detail.

Food is on my mind!

Food can be on every student’s mind because that’s the age when the appetite and digestion go hand in hand. So, you can’t afford to miss the delicious local cuisine of your destination, right? Ask your front-desk manager where you can get to enjoy cheap but mouth-watering dishes.

Pack and there you go!

Now, this can be tricky. Traveling for students is incomplete without packing fashionable clothes, accessories, gears and, gadgets. How to carry everything and still don’t have to pay extra for luggage? Location plays a big role. Now, if you are traveling to a beach location, you won’t be packing sweaters or pullover, right? Pack only what’s required.

Ready for your trip?

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