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From cheap eats to food that can seriously burn a hole in your pocket, Hong Kong is like a buffet of global cuisines, which will please all your senses and pockets too. Lost in the crowd of restaurants in Hong Kong? Don’t worry, let us be your complete foodie guide on Hong Kong. Rather than just telling you about the popular food destinations, we’ll also tell you the favorite dishes of the people in Hong Kong. Attention: Don’t read the following on an empty stomach.

Dim Sum

Don’t those two words get a smile on our face and our taste buds all juiced up? Leaving Hong Kong without having dim sum is an unofficial crime, if we have to put it that way. Served in traditional bamboo steamers, there are countless versions of this luscious steamed food. Pork, prawns and other seafood dumplings are popular all across Hong Kong. The best restaurant to hunt, Tim Wo Han. Here, The chef crafts dim sums not as food but a piece of art.

Curry Fishballs

These spongy, juicy snack stuffed with fish and other ingredients is a popular Hong Kong street food. They are light, snackable and high on taste. Most fishballs food vendors skew them through bamboo sticks or put them into disposable bowls so you can enjoy fun and bites on the run. Looking for the perfect street vendor? Our pick, Cheun Cheong Foods and other seven eleven stores.

Wonton Noodles

Wonton has its root in the Cantonese culture and way of life. Hong Kong has by far the most versatile variety of wonton noodles being served in various shapes, sizes and forms. The most popular is the soupy noodles version. Other variety includes thin-shaped noodles with a garnish of prawn wonton dumplings, which make it the ultimate soul food. Enjoy some lip smacking flavors at Mak’s Noodles.


Hotpots are hotspots for food, large chatty gatherings and plenty of fun. The concept is simple and minimalistic. It is a cook-it-yourself concept. The waiter hands you a bunch of ingredients, which you have to dip into a large pot of boiling soup. Since there are countless permutations and combinations, you can go all-out in Hong Kong with plenty of such restaurants in every corner. A great place to begin would be The Drunken Pot.

Clay Pot Rice

This heart-warming dish is the coming together of Asia in one large clay pot, which is slow-cooked over a charcoal stove. The rice is layered on a bed of veggies, meats and other condiments. It is best to enjoy it slowly and tingle your palate with a burst of Asian spices. If your mouth is watering, we suggest you to pick up the phone and reserve a table at Kwan Kee, which had made this dish its signature.

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