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Do you know Barack Obama was born in this tropical paradise? Honolulu nestled in the exotic islands of Hawaii is a vacationer’s bestie. Why? It has white sand tropical beaches to cool off, sunny skies for those flawless tan lines and a range of aloha shirts and hula skirts to keep up your swag quotient. Figuring where or what to start in Honolulu, sit back, relax and read our piece of advice.

Deep dive into adventure at Hanauma Bay

Head east of Honolulu and you’ll arrive at an area called Hawaii Kai, which is the best place for snorkeling. There is even a natural reserve and marine sanctuary at the bay to make you go wow. When you arrive here, you must head to the bottom of the crater to get to the beach. Once there, get to learn about the marine life and preservation in a short video or presentation by the experts in the area. If you want to get in early and free, reach between 6 and 7am so you don’t have to pay for the parking or the entrance fee.

Stop surging online, stop surfing on shores

If there is one place in the world tailormade for surfing, then Hawaii comes right at the top of the list. You can’t leave the island without taking that surf board and crashing on the shore. Don’t know how to surf? So what? Take a crash course with plenty of instructors and locals to give you quick tips and tricks of the trade. Best places to start? The Bowls of Ala Moana and Waikiki.

Jaws of adventure

Ever thought of going face-to-face with sharks underwater? It’s a scary thought yet a thrilling ride. Now, at the northern coast of Honolulu, you can get into a steel cage underwater from where you can get the best seats in the house to view killer sharks like Grey Reef Sharks, Hammerheads, Sandbar, Galapagos and many more. Not just sharks, you can also visit various sea turtles and other exotic species. Hey, if it’s your lucky day, you might even spot a humpback whale.

Revisit history at Pearl Harbor   

You must have seen plenty of films on Pearl Harbor. Now it’s the time to live it for real. This war memorial takes you back in time to that fateful day when the Japanese army attacked the American Fleet in 1941. Witness the wreckage site and the destruction of the frigate ship. The exhibition and memorial area pays tribute to those who died serving the army and also the brave souls who fought and saved hundreds of lives.

Cheers to Honolulu beers

When on vacation, fuel up on the right alcohol. Thankfully, in Honolulu, you’ll find plenty of it with local ales available at the Beer Works microbrewery, which uses local ingredients, flavors and spices. Well, there’s plenty to binge with the booze. Cheers!

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