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Think of the airport and what comes to your mind? The hustle and bustle, long queues and people from all walks of life. No matter how seamless air travel has become in rent times, most of us continue to do mistakes, which makes the airport one chaotic place especially when it comes to check-ins and security checks. Here are some of them:


Traveling at turbulent peak hours 

This is like a self-goal in soccer. Why would you want to travel at a time when there’s a sea of people and chaos going on? Traveling in peak hours can be a harrowing experience, especially waiting for 30 to 45 minutes at the check-in counters and security check. Make sure to travel at off-peak hours so that the time you spend at the airport is as breezy as your flight. 

 Wardrobe malfunction 

Often people wear layers of clothes, which only slows them down during security checks. Jackets, belts, sneakers, belts, and pullovers are a complete no-no as the security personnel will ask you to remove all of them, which slows down the entire security check and is a big hassle for you to remove and put them on again.

 Heading to the Duty-free  

Duty-free can waste, both your time and money. That’s because most of the stuff we buy at duty-free is impulsive and not planned. So, your vacation budget can go for a toss even before the vacation starts. Plus, in all that shopping delight, you might be late to reach the departure gates or even miss a flight. So, stay away from duty-free or have a dedicated list for your duty-free shopping.

 Not bring your snacks  

Why waste money on those expensive meals at the airport when you can have some delicious snacks prepared at home. Instead, grab a coffee and eat some light bites prepared from home.

 Forget the expensive car rentals 

In the age of Uber and Lyft, why would you hire those expensive airport car rentals? They are a rip-off. Uber is far more convenient. Just a few taps on your mobile and your car would be waiting for you in no time.

 Snoozing at the airports 

This is probably one of the worst ideas unless you have a long layover. After all, you don’t want to wake up with the news that you missed your flight. If you do want to spend the night at the terminal instead of the hotel, get all your sleeping equipment in place.

 Arriving late at the airport 

Some people think they are some VIP to arrive at the last minute only to discover that the check-in counter gates have closed. Our advice, spend an extra hour at the airport rather than arriving last minute and rebooking your flight, which means a double whammy for you and your pocket.

 We don’t make mistakes

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