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Getting married? Aha! Then, don’t remain busy with wedding preparations only. Because good wedding preparations just don’t end with getting married only. Going for a honeymoon is no less than preparation in itself. And it’s that period of the start of your new journey which will have lasting memories for you to cherish. Obviously, you don’t want anything to go wrong. Here, we at have collected some tips for the honeymooners who wish to travel abroad.


First of all, understand your priorities. Try and figure out things that are most important for you to include in your honeymoon package and then remove things that are not so necessary from your list. For instance, if you vouch for staying in a luxurious property, you can travel to domestic locations and save money for a five-star or seven-star property. But if adventure or sightseeing fascinates you then compromise your stay on a budgeted property and travel to an international location.

Contact your Travel Agent

When it comes to stress-free traveling, your travel agent has to be your safest bet. You are already busy with your wedding preparations and receiving guests. Why you want to bother yourself with an extra burden of planning a honeymoon deal too. So, if you can afford to avail of the services of your travel agent, please contact him. Travel agents have all the knowledge in this field as they are pro in it and wise enough to customize your honeymoon package within your allocated budget.

Travel Off-Season

Traveling during peak season is quite expensive. Not only that, chances are that you may get delayed service too. Then why not travel off-season? It has two benefits, one you get slashed prices on tickets, accommodation, merchandise, etc. and two, you receive quick and decent service as well.

Choose land if the airfares are too dear

In these days of faster traveling, we forgot that we have the option of traveling through trains or buses too. Instead of flying, consider reaching your destination via train, car or a bus. Road trips are fun and can become adventurous by planning some sightseeing places during a halt along the way. And once you reach the destination choose public transport that will help you save money and get to know the place too.

Pack accordingly

You don’t want extra baggage on your honeymoon. Airlines charge these days for adding even an extra pound. So, taking a lot of stuff will only mean your flight becomes much more expensive, which can dampen your honeymoon mood. Instead, pack smartly and travel lightly. Use weather app and then pack accordingly for your destination. Avoid stuff that is too bulky and limit your luggage by packing just exactly what you need.

Is a honeymoon on your mind?

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