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Destination plays a key role in the price of flying. For example if you want to fly Orlando that is a popular vacation spot. April and February are two most expensive months to fly while January and November cheapest days to fly.  It means very clear that you can expect to pay higher rates at the time of peak vacation but January and November are good times to look for cheap airfare. 

Are you missing the cheapest time to fly? Hence, you must also have the information about the dead zones. Also, known as deal zones, these are unpopular times to fly and more money in your pocket than spending. The biggest deal zones of the year are discussed as below.

  • Early December: The first two weeks are sandwiched between peak travel days of the U.S. due to Thanksgiving, and Christmas/New Year’s
  • January: Most of the month is considered as the deal zone once the New Year rush subsides around Jan. 7
  • Fall: This deal zone gets underway during late August; another price drop is in October

Dead Zone perks- You just don’t save money on air tickets by traveling in a deal zone but you also save on other travel necessities. The Perks are:

  • Less crowded airports
  • Easy access to tourist destinations
  • Hotels and rental cars are easy on your pocket

Hence, if you are planning to visit to your dream destination, then look out for the cheapest months to fly and book your ticket accordingly. We are discussing some of the cheapest months to travel to the world’s most popular cities.

January: If you are planning to travel to Southern California cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego, then January is the ideal time to book your air tickets.

February: In February, bargain seekers go to book cheap flights to Hong Kong, India and

Philippines. The days in February are the cheapest days to fly international. These regions are typhoon free, and you can have a look at the famous Spring Lantern. This is a very happening month.

March: If you are looking for romantic but cheap honeymoon destinations, March is the ideal time of year to book cheap flights to Buenos Aires. Also, book hotels in advance.

April: Chicago has many airports to select from, but you have to pick seats if you are willing
to travel in April. As January is the cheapest month to fly almost anywhere, you
can find good deals on air tickets to Chicago in the season of spring.

May: Florida is busy in winter and summer that is why May is the best month to pack your bags and grab luring deals.

June: This is one of the best month to grab discount on traveling and lodging in Beijing. Early summer in US is off-season in Beijing.

July: July is the ideal time of year to find flights in your budget to cities such as Boston and New York.

August: However, Berlin is very famous for Oktoberfest, but traveling in August is the better option when you want to save the money.

September: August is ultimate vacation month in Europe, where vacations are taken very seriously. Hence, September is the ideal time for you to book cheap flights if you are planning to visit Europe.

October: Greece is perfect destination throughout the year but October is the time to book flights to various cities such as Athens or Santorini. Don’t miss the sunny season altogether!

November: Are you planning to book flight to San Francisco and are looking for cheapest day of the week to fly? Then you must book your ticket in November and will find the cheapest hotel prices in the town.

December: Celebrate your New Year Eve in Vegas as it is less popular and hence a cheaper option during New Year.

There are a certain things to do to look for the best dead zone.

  • Compare airfares: No single airline has best deal every time and everywhere.
  • Set airfare alerts: Get cheap fares delivered in real-time.  Grab it as these fares don’t last.
  • Shop by season or month to find best deals to destinations around the world.
  • Fly on the cheapest days: In U.S., the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday whereas in other parts of the world, mid-week are cheaper than weekends. If you can also fly on one ‘cheaper day’ you can still save a lot.

The key to book your tickets is at the time of off season at the desired destination, this means that you can book cheap air tickets to top destinations throughout the year but you must have required details when to book the air tickets means what are the cheapest times to fly.

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